Period 13 – Eating habits

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All habits relating to health.
Food Prayer

Harir data Harir Bhoktaa, harir annam Prajapathi
Harir vipra Sharirasthu, bhoonkte bhojayate Hari.

Veggie vengeance

There once lived a small princess but she was a fussy eater. “I hate vegetables so I won’t eat them!” she cried out every time salads and vegetables were served in her plate and she pushed the plate away. Her mother tried to change her food habits but could not succeed.

One night the princess slept but cauliflower could not. He was a big, healthy vegetable with large green leaves adorning his head and he lived in the larder of the palace kitchen. That night he was seething!

“I hate the princess! She always complains about us! I’ve got to teach her a lesson!” he cried out angrily.

Cauliflower found Bean beside him and nudged him awake. “Hey, Green Bean get up!” he shouted. Lean Bean jumped up with a start. “What’s up”, he murmured sleepily. “Go wake the other vegetables up!” ordered Cauliflower. We have some important work to do!” Bean briskly went about his task and found Potato in a basket and he woke him up along with White radish, his neighbour.

“Get up! Get up, sleepy heads! Yelled Green Bean and the noise woke Lady’s Finger and Spinach up. “What are you shouting for? Go away! Screamed Spinach but Bean appeased him by saying, “You have got to get up, friends. We will all run away.!”

Suddenly there was a flutter and a little fairy came flying into the kitchen through the open window.

“I can help you veggies,” said the little fairy and she took out a glistening scarf and turned it around thrice. And lo! The vegetables got a pair of wings each and they flew out of the palace towards a faraway mountain. They got into a cave and hid themselves.

The next morning the princess came down for breakfast and was surprised to see only rotis. There was no salad and vegetables in her plate. “I’m so happy there are no vegetables on my plate today. How come you haven’t given me any, mother?” she asked.

But there aren’t any vegetables in the larder. They’ve all disappeared sighed the queen. During lunch and dinner, the princess did not eat vegetables either and this continued for many more days until one morning the princess fell ill.

“What’s wrong with me?” she cried out in bewilderment.

“I’ll tell you what’s wrong!” said the mother, “You are becoming weak because you’re not eating vegetables! They are good sources of nutrients for your body.”

“I want to eat them mother!” moaned the princess. “Where are they?”

“I’m afraid they’ve all run away!” sighed the queen.

“Then call them back, mother, please!”cried the princess.

“But how?” asked the queen.

Suddenly there was a flutter of wings and the little fairy flew in through the window and whispered, “Relish your vegetables princess, and they will surely return! They all understand the language of love!”

“I’ll certainly do that for I now know how important they are for me. I’ll never curse them again. It’s a promise.”

The fairy took out her scarf and turned it around thrice. And lo! The vegetables came flying back into the palace and got into the larder never to go out again.

“Thank you veggies, you truly are important for me, for without you all, how can I ever grow up to become a queen?”

And from that day on, many healthy vegetables found themselves on the princess’s plate and were eaten by her with great regard and relish.

on fruit and vegetable (tune – old Mcdonald had a farm..)

Vegetables are good for me EEIEEIO
And so I eat them happily EEIEEIO
With a carrot here, and a carrot there
Here a carrot , there a carrot
Everywhere a carrot, carrot
Vegetables are good for me EEIEEIO
(children can take turns with veg)
Apples are good for me
Yum Yum Yum Yum Yum
(children can take turns with fruits)

Silent Sitting
  • Thank you God for the food that you have given me. I have learnt that food is God-Annam Brahma. From today I promise you that I will not waste food. I will eat the healthy food that my mother prepares for me.

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