Period 15 – Neighbours

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Who are neighbours? Neighbours are those who live near you. Next to your family it is your neighbours who areclosest to you. Love your neighbours also.

Learn to love the children living nearby. Respect elders who are your neighbours. Be kind and helpful to neighbours.

Do not disturb elders. They need rest and quiet. Never write on your neighbours’ walls, throw things into their houses or pluck flowers from their garden. Remember they love their homes as much as you love yours.

Love your neighbour (tune – old mcdonald had a farm… )

I live in a colony E I E I O
We Love all our neighbours E I E I O
With a love-love here, and a love-love there
Here a love, there a love, everywhere love-love
I live in a colony E I E I O
I love to play with all the kids E I E I O
With a play-play here, and a play-play there
Here a play, there a play, everywhere play-play
I live in a colony E I E I O
Proceed with the following:
I help everybody there
I respect the elders there
I share my things with everyone
I am kind to everyone
I care for everyone
I thank those who help me

  • Say your neighbour’s name with adjective

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