Period 24 – 5 mothers

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Our 5 mothers are:
  • Our own mother (Deha mata)
  • Mother Earth (Bhu mata)
  • Mother Cow (Gomata)
  • Holy books(Veda mata)
  • Motherland (Desha mata)
Deha mata
  • She has given us birth. She looks after us with great love. We cannot see God but our own mother herself is the form of God before us. She is the embodiment of love, service and sacrifice. Home is the nursery of all virtues and our mother is our first teacher (guru). We owe everything to our mother who has nurtured and nourished us with great love and care. “the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.”
Bhu mata
  • Mother earth provides us with food, clothing and shelter. We have a great, wide beautiful and wonderful world, which provides us with everything. Our ancestors were happy and contented with what Mother Earth provided. They realised the importance of preserving and protecting the land, forests and rivers. Unfortunately today, man has too many desires and he is harming Mother Earth by throwing waste and harmful chemicals into the rivers, cutting down trees and killing different types of birds and animals. As a result there are many types of birds and animals, which no longer exist today.
  • The cow provides us with nourishing milk. We all, especially little children depend upon milk and milk products. The gentle cow also teaches us many values. In return for the grass and waterthat we give her, she provides us with milk. She serves us even after deathas we make use of the cow’s skin(hide) as well as the horns. Cow dung is a good manure. The gentle cow teaches us that service to others should be the goal of our life.
Veda mata
  • Our holy, religious books help us to lead a good life. All great religionshave sacred scriptures. They emphasize that in order to reach God we must lead a life of love, service and sacrifice. They also teach us the lesson ‘Help Ever Hurt Never’. They all declare the ‘Brotherhood of Man and Fatherhood of God’.
Desh mata
  • ‘Mother and Motherland are greater than heaven’. Our motherland is the land of our birth. We must be proud to belong to the country in which we are born. We must cherish the noble values and ideals of our country and practice them. We must be ready to make any sacrifice for the sake of our country. “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”
  • identify the Mother
  • Gives us knowledge / wisdom
  • Become good citizen
  • Keep our environment clean
  • Symbol of auspiciousness
  • Protect the wealth of your country
  • The one who knows everything
  • Mother of Sita
  • Pay your respects / namaskar to her daily
  • The one who is with Sri Krishna
  • When you respect her it is equal to respecting God

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