Period 43 – Don’t Cheat

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Borrowed Feathers

Once upon a time God called all the birds together. “I want to choose the best looking bird to be the king to rule over the birds,” he said. Each bird then started preening his feathers, fanning his tail and spreading his wings out wide to show off his beautiful feathers. The sparrow looked at his drab feathers and decided he would have to make a plan. He quietly hopped around the assembled birds, picking up one
beautiful feather here and another there. Then he stuck them in between his feathers until he became a rainbow of a bird, the brightest bird there!

At the appointed time all the birds gathered around God to hear what he would say. He passed in front of each bird. Then he stopped in front of the sparrow and was just thinking of naming him the king. Suddenly there was a flurry of wings and great twittering among the birds as they realised that that rainbow bird had in fact stolen their feathers. All the birds plunged down on him, each bird pecking off his own
feathers. This left nothing but a little brown sparrow who had tried to win by cheating!

  • Don’t pretend to be better than others

Borrowed Feathers Draw some more birds sitting in the trees. Draw the buttersflies looking to see who has the prettiest feathers. Colour your picture.

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