Ashtothram [1-27]

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  1. Om Shri Bhagavan Sathya Sai Babaaya Namah

    We bow down to Baba who is the Divine Mother and Father of us all.

  2. Om Shri Sai Sathya-Swaroopaaya Namah

    The embodiment of Truth.

  3. Om Shri Sai Sathya-Dharma-Paraayanaaya Namah

    Who is solely devoted (in preaching) the Truth and Righteousness.

  4. Om Shri Sai Varadaaya Namah

    Who is the giver of boons.

  5. Om Shri Sai Satpurushaaya Namah

    The one who is existing eternally.

  6. Om Shri Sai Satya-Gunaatmane Namah

    The One whose mind possesses the Truth virtues.

  7. Om Shri Sai Saadhu-Vardhanaaya Namah

    Who increases the goodness (in the people/ world).

  8. Om Shri Sai Saadhujana-Poshanaaya Namah

    Who nourishes and sustains good people.

  9. Om Shri Sai Sarvajnaaya Namah

    Who is omniscient.

  10. Om Shri Sai Sarva-Jana-Priyaaya Namah

    Who is dear to all.

  11. Om Shri Sai Sarva-Shakti-Moortaye Namah

    Who is the embodiment of all powers.

  12. Om Shri Sai Sarveshaaya Namah

    Who is the Lord of all.

  13. Om Shri Sai Sarva-Sanga-Parityaagine Namah

    Who has given up all attachments.

  14. Om Shri Sai Sarvaantaryaamine Namah

    Who resides in the hearts of all.

  15. Om Shri Sai Mahimaatmane Namah

    Who is a great soul.

  16. Om Shri Sai Maheshwara-Swaroopaaya Namah

    Who is the embodiment of Shiva.

  17. Om Shri Sai Parthi-Graamodbhavaaya Namah

    Who is born in a village called Parthi.

  18. Om Shri Sai Parthi-Kshetra-Nivaasine Namah

    Who is the resident of the region of Parthi.

  19. Om Shri Sai Yashakaaya-Shirdi-Vaasine Namah

    Who was famous in the previous body as the resident of Shirdi.

  20. Om Shri Sai Jodi Aadipalli Somappaaya Namah

    Who has taken the form of the female and male aspect (Shiva Shakti), in primeval village.

  21. Om Shri Sai Bhaaradwaaja-Rishi-Gotraaya Namah

    Who is born in the Gotra of Bhaaradwaaja Rishi.

  22. Om Shri Sai Bhakta-Vatsalaaya Namah

    Who is very affectionate to the devotees.

  23. Om Shri Sai Apaantaraatmane Namah

    Who is not different to any other Atma.

  24. Om Shri Sai Avataara-Moortaye Namah

    Who is the personality of all Incarnations.

  25. Om Shri Sai Sarva-Bhaya-Nivaarine Namah

    Who removes all fears.

  26. Om Shri Sai Aapastamba-Sutraaya Namah

    Who is born in the Aapastamba line.

  27. Om Shri Sai Abhaya-Pradaaya Namah

    Who gives security.


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