Ashtothram [28-54]

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  1. Om Shri Sai Ratnaakara-Vamshodbhavaaya Namah

    The One who is born in the dynasty of Ratnaakaras (gems of men).

  2. Om Shri Sai Shirdi-Sai-Abheda-Shaktyavataaraaya Namah

    Whose Glory is not different from the Shirdi Avataara.

  3. Om Shri Sai Shankaraaya Namah

    Who is Shiva.

  4. Om Shri Sai Shirdi Sai-Moortaye Namah

    Who is the Incarnation of Shirdi Sai.

  5. Om Shri Sai Dwaarakaamaayee-Vaasine Namah

    Who is the resident of Dwaarakaamaayee.

  6. Om Shri Sai Chitraavatee-Tata-Puttaparthi-Vihaarine Namah

    Who sports (His Leelas) in Puttaparthi on the banks of the Chitraavatee.

  7. Om Shri Sai Shakti-Pradaaya Namah

    Who bestows strength.

  8. Om Shri Sai Sharanagata-Traanaaya Namah

    Who saves him that surrenders.

  9. Om Shri Sai Aanandaaya Namah

    Who is bliss.

  10. Om Shri Sai Aananda-Daaya Namah

    Who grants Bliss.

  11. Om Shri Sai Aarta-Traana-Paraayanaaya Namah

    Who is devoted solely in saving the afflicted (those in distress).

  12. Om Shri Sai Anaatha-Naathaaya Namah

    Who is the guardian or Lord of the destitute.

  13. Om Shri Sai Asahaaya-sahaayaaya Namah

    Who is the helper of the helpless.

  14. Om Shri Sai Loka-Baandhavaaya Namah

    Who is the kith and kin of the

    Whole world.

  15. Om Shri Sai Lokarakshaa-Paraayanaaya Namah

    Who is solely devoted in protecting the people.

  16. Om Shri Sai Loka-Naathaaya Namah

    Lord of all the world.

  17. Om Shri Sai Deenajana-Poshanaaya Namah

    Who nourishes and sustains the poor (those Who are suffering and are in a miserable condition.

  18. Om Shri Sai Moorti-Traya-Swaroopaaya Namah

    Who is the Incarnation of the Holy Trinity (Brahmaa, Vishnu and Maheshwara)

  19. Om Shri Sai Mukti-Pradaaya Namah

    Who is the giver of Liberation.

  20. Om Shri Sai Kalusha-Vidooraaya Namah

    Who removes all wickedness.

  21. Om Shri Sai Karunaakaraaya Namah

    Who is compassionate.

  22. Om Shri Sai Sarva-Aadhaaraaya Namah

    Who is the support of all.

  23. Om Shri Sai Sarva-Hrudvaasine Namah

    Who resides in the heart of everyone.

  24. Om Shri Sai Sarva Punya-Phala-Pradaaya Namah

    Who is the giver of the fruits of merit.

  25. Om Shri Sai Sarva-Paapa-Kshaya-Karaaya Namah

    Who is the destroyer of all sins.

  26. Om Shri Sai Sarva-Roga-Nirvaarine Namah

    Who removes all diseases.

  27. Om Shri Sai Sarva-Baadhaa-Haraaya Namah

    Who takes away all the suffering.


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