The Semitic Religions

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Judaism, Christianity & Islam

Judaism, Christianity and Islam come under the Semitic Group of religions; Semitic meaning belonging to the people descended from Shem, Son of Noah. All these religions believe in Divine Guidance sent through prophets of God. Judaism is so to say the Mother religion, Christianity is the daughter of the religion and later on was born Islam.

Moses was the prophet of the Jews. He gave them the Ten Commandments as told and revealed to him by God Jehova. In course of time the Hebrews forgot the inner significance of the divine laws and gave more importance to the external ceremonies and rituals. At this juncture arrived Christ who pointed out to them that inner purity is the purpose of religion and our lives must be governed on the principle of love. He even went to the extent of sacrificing his life for the sake of humanity. Although Jesus tried to restore the old teachings of Moses and the real spirit of Judaism, his teachings in course of time developed into an independent religion called Christianity, which soon became a major world religion.

In the 7th Century in Arabia people had become superstitious. There were many tribes who followed different rites and rituals. These tribes were constantly at war with each other. At this point, Prophet Mohammed emerged and he taught the people total and unreserved surrender to the Lord. He said that he had only perfected and completed Christianity but his teachings soon gave way to the rise of another new religion namely Islam.

The ultimate preaching of all these 3 Main religions is the same. They laid emphasis on the ‘Fatherhood of God and brotherhood of Man’.


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