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Role-play is a dramatization of a particular situation in daily life or from history. Students in groups of 5 to 8 may be asked to enact a situation or an event of about 5 minutes. The teacher may give the initial idea; during preparation the teacher may make a suggestion here or refinement there. Normally, only about 10 to 15 minutes may be given for preparation so that spontaneity is encouraged. No special effects, such as props, costumes, etc are needed.

After each role-play, a discussion should follow which analyses the situation or event with an aim to bring out the value or sub-value. This will greatly depend upon the age group of the students, and how well the teacher handles the classroom interaction. Guidance and questioning in class should begin with simple recapitulation and progressively lead to value identification and decision. Title for the play could be invited; a value is always inherent in the title.

The purpose of Group Discussion is

  1. To encourage students to seek their own answers
  2. To facilitate reasoning at a higher stage of moral development 
  3. To promote tolerance and kindness in communication skills 
  4. To suggest taking care and using judgement in offering option
  5. To provide an opportunity to raise ethical issues in a secure environment.

Learning is a slow process; it is therefore advisable not to insist upon drawing conclusions forcibly or suddenly. Role play activity should be integrated into the teaching process so that attitude of the pupils changes perceptibly over a period of time.

[Ref:Towards Human Excellence, Sri Sathya Sai Education for Schools, Book 3 – The Five Teaching Techniques, Institute of Sathya Sai Education, Dharmakshetra]


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