Govindha Rama

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  • Govinda Rama Jai Jai Gopala Rama
  • Madhava Rama Jai Jai Keshava Rama
  • Durlabha Rama Jai Jai Sulabha Rama
  • Ek Tu Rama Jai Jai Anek Tu Rama

Victory to Lord Rama, an incarnation of God and He is lord Krishna too. He is Madhava – the lord of Lakshmi and Keshava – who is trinity (Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara Himself). The Lord is very difficult to attain and also very easily attainable. He is the One and also the Many.

Govindha A name generally used for Lord Vishnu and specifically for the Krishna avatar. ‘Go’ means ‘cows’. Since Krishna played the role of a cowherd, He bears this name.
Rama Lord Rama. Means ‘He who is pleasing
Jai Victory to
Gopala Go – cow; pala – protector; This name refers to the Krishna incarnation, because He played the role of a cowherd, tending to cows
Madhava One more name of Lord Vishnu or Krishna. Ma + dhava (‘Ma’ refers to Lord Lakshmi and ‘dhava’ means ‘consort’)
Keshava A name of Lord Vishnu or Krishna. One meaning of this word is ‘the one who destroys troubles or Klesha’. Another meaning is ‘the one who has lovely locks of dark and curly hair.’ This is derived from the word ‘kesa’, which means ‘hair’. The word ‘Keshava’ also signifies the slaying of a demon named Kesi in the Krishna avatar.
Durlabha Very hard to attain
Sulabha Very easy to attain
Eka One
Tu You
Aneka Many


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