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Sri Sathya Sai Educare – Route to Global Peace and Happiness

It is indeed an enigma of modern times that while all our efforts in life are directed towards peace and happiness, they have become distant illusory goals never to be reached by us. In pursuit of happiness and peace, man has attained new milestones in material prosperity; the ground reality, however, is that man is increasingly becoming more and more unhappy.

It is argued at times that poverty and physical handicaps are a primary cause of human suffering. Yet, abundant wealth or physical prowess has failed to provide a sense of fulfilment or joy in life. Whether in personal life or in the family, whether within the nation or at global level, one finds the environment full of negativity, lacking in harmony. Paradoxically, wars are being fought in the name of Peace.

It is indeed an enigma, again, that Man – the very embodiment of Peace and Love – is all the time yearning and searching for that elusive peace outside oneself. Peace, harmony and happiness are not philosophical concepts to be learnt and memorised from books; nor can they be achieved through various systems, strategies or rituals. For answers to human yearnings and aspirations, we are being compelled to look up to the unique Message of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, the World Teacher, whom mankind now identifies as the Universal Purifier of the modern age.

Addressing students way back on 2nd February 1958, Baba had said, ‘The present system of education aims at making you breadwinners and citizens, but it does not give you the secret of a happy life, namely, discrimination between the unreal and the real.’

Again on 12th September 1963, He said, ‘Education is not for mere living, it is for life – a fuller, more meaningful, a more worthwhile life. There is no harm if it is for a gainful employment but the educated must realise that existence is not all, that gainful employment is not all. What is needed today is that we should live a life of good quality. The fostering of sterling character and good conduct is the need of the world.’

In ancient culture, the first lesson taught to our children was that we are all divine, that ‘God and I are One.’ A child’s journey in life began with an understanding of an integral relationship with the whole Cosmos, that the Divine Cosmic Energy, CHAITANYA, pervades the entire Universe including us.

Happiness and joy are natural to the child; they are one’s inherent nature. Yet, when the child grows, the art and skill of retaining natural joy and peace are lost. Bhagawan Baba explains that this is not consequent upon anything that happens outside us. When the mind ignores its link with the inherent Divinity, and views the world through the eyes of its sense attributes, it mortgages its peace and happiness to the vagaries of the senses.

Mind is the seat of thoughts, created by the five senses and the five attributes. As long as thoughts are perceived and process in the mind without the Light of Love, man experiences the world of illusion. No sooner these thoughts arising in the mind are screened in the Light of Love, than the discrimination between truth and illusion dawns. This results into Unity of thought, word and deed, putting into practice the inherent human values of Love, Truth, Righteousness, Peace and Non-Violence.

Sri Sathya Sai Educare reveals the wherewithal, the knowledge as well as the technology, of living in CONSTANT INTEGRATED AWARENESS of the Divinity within. By putting into practice this knowledge and skill, man is able to manifest his innate power of Love, which bestows upon him peace and happiness.


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