Hara Shiva Shankara Bhajan – Audio

Hara Shiva Shankara Shashankha Shekara
Hara Bham Hara Bham Bhambham Bolo
Bhava Bhayankara Girija Shankara
Dhimi Dhimi Dhimi Thaka Narthana Kelo

Lord Shiva is the destroyer of evil, bestower of good; He holds the crescent moon on his forehead; He is the Lord of Parvati, He destroys our bondage to worldly existence; Hear his anklets and his drum as he dances the dance that is the play of the universe.

Hara Shiva Shankara – Explanation

Hara A name of Lord Shiva; it means ‘He who destroys’
Shiva Literally means ‘Auspiciousness’ or ‘Goodness’
Shankara A name of Lord Shiva. ‘Shankara’ is one who causes bliss and peace
Shashanka Moon
Shekara This means ‘any ornament worn on top of the head’ in some contexts and also ‘master’ in other contexts
Bolo Chant
Bhavaabhayankara Bhava – worldly existence
Abhayankara – abhaya + kara Here, ‘abhaya’ means ‘fearlessness’ and ‘kara’ means ‘to cause’
Thus, ‘Bhavaabhayankara’ means ‘The Lord who instills fearlessness in us to tackle worldly life’
Girija Mother Parvathi, the daughter of Himavan, the one who rules over the Himalayas and hence she bears the name ‘Girija’
Nardhana dance
kelo play
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