Period 5 – 5 Elements

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Everything in this world is made up of 5 elements – explain 5 elements and their attributes and the 5 sense organs connected to it.


Once upon a time, there were 4 royal deities called Air, Water, Earth and Fire. They looked upon an empty expanse called Space and decided to build a palace for themselves to live.

Earth created metal and dirt and rock and pulled all of these into a ball in the space provided and sank deep into it.

Water created oceans, lakes, rivers and creeks in deep crags of Earth’s face and filled them with a liquid as beautiful as herself sinking into Earth.

Fire created lightning, sparks and solidly glowing flames dancing on Earth and sat deeply into his fires.

Air claimed all else for herself. She was the fairest of them all and quite possessive. She cleverly called all of this space Air and filled it with soft manipulative gas.

And so the elements were born and lived happily on their little planet. However soon they got bored. Their planet was too peaceful, too calm.

Water decided to create life and from waters came mammals and humans. Air and Fire were infinite and allowed humans to use them.

Earth went to sleep.

Water started training her beloved humans to tame the elements, using each of them against each other to become master of all. The humans were influenced by Earth.

Sharp – witted Air soon realized that Water was trying to have her own people so She created feathered beings , light who flew and glided in air. These birds shunned Earth and Water except to hunt the beings on Earth and nest in the highest branches of the trees. Fire had little impact on them. They were Air’s pride and joy.

Water soon grew envious and created cold bodied animals with rocky scales. They shunned Air and Fire, breathing water and living in the icy depths.

Fire grew jealous because neither birds nor the scaly creatures used him and humans were trying to tame him to fight other elements. So he created monsters who could fly and breathe fire. These monsters revenged themselves upon Earth and Water. The beings of Earth and Water came together to protect Earth and themselves.

Fire grew more angrier as Air gave more speed to her birds and he gave power to his monsters to appear anywhere faster than other elements.

These monsters ate humans, mammals and Fire and Air ruled the world for some time.

Angered and upset, Water created Gods born to battle the creatures created by Fire and Air.

For a millennium, war raged on the planet and creatures, demon, natural, and divine died. Air fouled, Earth burned, water sullied and Fire abused.

Air was horrified , she created another dimension and demanded that Gods be sent there. Water was equally horrified and said the demons should go there.

The quarrel was unresolved and the war continued.

During a particular bad day during the war, Earth, the most sensible and logical of the elements, fully woke and shook the planet. Out of fear that their ground was shaking, all creatures cowered in fear. Earthbound them away from each other and called for a meeting of all elements.

He demanded that this war end before any of the elements had died. He decided that the monsters created by Fire were too powerful and must be sent into this other dimension. He said even the Gods must be sent there as they were also equally powerful. All agreed to this plan. The immortal forces were exiled and the world set to rebuilding itself.

Air gave Water a portion of her birds. They fished and stood in the Water. In return Water made some fish jumping out of water into air. They sparkled and flashed as they jumped spun and twisted. Air was very happy and gave Water her final gift – the tides. Water was very happy and Air and Water became very close friends.

Earth gave Fire permission to burn him in small, controlled sections as burning was what Fire did and in return Fire gave Earth’s men permission to use him to progress their culture.

They also had an idea called a volcano, where all four elements would be incorporated to make something able to be triggered by any one of them, to affect anything on the planet.

Earth constructed a mountain in the middle of Water, and Fire filled it with Lava. Air added pressure and soon the mountain erupted, perfectly fusing all four elements to begin making another land mass, born of all of them.

Ever since then all four elements have been friends. Earth might grumble, Fire might break out but never again there has been a war between them of that magnitude.

  • Project on 5 elements pollution and protection.

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