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Guided Visualisation with reference to five senses

Those of us who attempt to sit in silence – in contemplation – have an almost common experience. We are flooded with thoughts that drown us in different emotions.

These thoughts may not interest us in the least, may not be a specific desire or attachment. But, these unnecessary vagaries of the mind rob our lives of precious time.

How do we control the thoughts and experience serenity?

Baba has said, “Sow a seed of thought, reap a fruit of action; Sow a seed of action, reap a fruit of habit; Sow a seed of habit, reap a fruit of character; Sow a seed of character, reap a fruit of good fortune”.

It is this Mahavakya that should guide every one of us in controlling our conscious thoughts. One of the nine-point Code of Conduct prescribed by our Lord is – daily meditation and prayers. This is a sure way to achieve control over the mind.

What is the characteristic of the mind? Even one unregulated sense organ can turn the mind on and make it run wild. When a pot of water becomes empty, it does not mean the pot is full of holes. Just one hole is enough to empty the pot. So is the case with our mind and senses.

So, let us try to understand and control our senses.


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