3 D’s- Duty Devotion & Discipline

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The 3D’s (Duty, Devotion and Discipline) are a subset of the 5D’s (Duty, Devotion, Discipline, Determination and Discrimination) that Swami has spoken about in many discourses and interactions.

First among the 3D’s is Duty. It is one of the four objectives of life (purusharthas). Man has to perform duties required of him in different stages of his life to the best of his abilities. Performing one’s rightful duty gives humanness to all actions.

Next comes Devotion. Swami says that devotion is the highest form of love. It means constant worship and contemplation of God.

Next in line is Discipline. This means performing the required actions without deviating from the routine and intent. Variations from a daily routine are undesirable. Swami emphasises on discipline for students and balvikas children as that is the age when this can be practised and made a habit.

The lessons in this section consist of definitions, stories, attitude tests, discussions and games. Gurus can conduct these sessions as Classroom based Group Activities.


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