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Ahimsa (non-violence) shines as the undercurrent of the remaining four values, namely, truth, righteousness, love, and peace. Non-Violence is the ethical principle of love and respect for all beings. The ‘understanding’ called for is one of seeing that all humans, animals, plants, lakes, mountains, and glaciers, are inseparable parts of the one indivisible Supreme Absolute.

Love + Understanding = Non-Violence. A blind man who collides against us in the street is not blamed because ‘he knows not what he does’. In a similar fashion, those who are blind to the Reality have to be forgiven by us; keeping this attitude we tolerate the insult or injury from others, without giving in to the urge to react violently. Without an understanding of the Oneness of all Creation, we might not be able to forgive and forget the commissions and omissions of others.

The story called “Waste Not Want Not” illustrates the sense of social responsibility under Non-Violence.


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