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Peace follows truth and dharma for it is an experience. Man does not need to take up strenuous efforts to realise peace. Just adhering to truth in every word and thought and dharma in action will result in peace. Scriptures urge man to control the mind in order to attain peace. When the mind is controlled, it remains in a state of silence. Such a state is true peace.

Experiences of generations have shown that peace or happiness got from external objects is not enduring. It is like a mirage. The real source of peace is within and it is this inner peace that can confer real joy. Saint Thyagaraja proclaimed to the world, through a song that there can be no happiness without peace.

You must be like the sandalwood tree which transmits its fragrance even to the axe that is used to cut it. When an incense stick is lighted, it burns itself away. But, it spreads perfume all around.Similarly, a true sadhaka, a true devotee, should see to it that he keeps his peace intact under all circumstances and radiates happiness.

The story listed here is about controlling anger. In consecutive years, we will see more about conquering the inner enemies.


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