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The most prevalent demand globally is for peace. So we have the Noble peace prize and several international recognitions for men and women who try to bring about world peace. Our Bhagawan gives a simple remedy for all those in quest of peace. He says, remove the I and want and one will have peace. When man is filled with peace, he is not elated with happiness or down in sorrow, neither too ambitious nor too complacent. Life is a balance and every thing is taken as a blessing.

Bhagawan explains this lucidly:

Giving free play to the senses just because they belong to you is foolishness. Although it may be your horse, you do not let go the reins while riding: you will meet with disaster. Similarly, you may say ‘it is my car’; but it you do not apply brakes where necessary, even though it is your car, it will lead you to danger. Sense control is thus imperative for all human beings, not just for saints and seers.

Let us learn more about peace with the three stories given in the section.


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