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Truth, when expressed in action, transforms into righteous living. While truth relates to words, righteousness is action. On this basis, the Vedas taught, “Satyam Vada, Dharmam Chara” (speak the truth, practise righteousness). The Practice of Truth is true Dharma. Hence it is imperative for a man to dedicate themselves to Dharma.

Righteousness should start as a practice from a very young age so that not just the individual but the entire country progress the right way. If there is Righteousness in Heart, there will be Beauty in Character; If there is Beauty in Character, there will be Harmony in Home; If there is Harmony in Home, there will be Order in The Nation; If there is Order in The Nation, there will be Peace on Earth.

The stories listed in this section, viz. 1. The Teaching of the Saints, 2. Simple Hearts in Simple Dress and 3. Vanity learns a lesson illustrate the simple lifestyle and teaching of Great Men.


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