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Duty done without love is deplorable. Duty done with love is desirable. But acts of love that emanate from a person because it is his nature and not because it is enjoined on him as a duty he has to fulfil, is really divine.

[Source: Sri Sathya Sai (14 November 1975)]

When a person does his duties properly he is bestowed with true happiness. Some duties are to ourselves; some are to others.

By developing love for God, we prepare ourselves for the next step- seeing and loving God in all men. Love for God expresses itself in service. Selfless service is the most recommended spiritual practice in the teachings of Sri Sathya Sai:

Love is God; God is love. Love all, express the selfless love through service transform the service into worship, says Swami when speaking about the highest Sadhanas.

Two beautiful stories have been illustrated to highlight the importance of following Dharma with love.

  1. Service Done to Man is Service to God- An incident from the Life of Abraham Lincoln enables the children understand the real meaning of this service.
  2. Human Effort Draws Divine Help– This story explains about the equal importance to be given to Self Dharma as well as Devotion, i.e. Love towards God.


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