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An attitude Test is one way by which the Guru understands the attitudes of the students; moreover, it enables a student to look at his own perception and attitudes at that time. An attitude Test is also a means of evaluating how well the guru has succeeded in imparting these values to the students.

The methodology is to pose a situation of ethical dilemma giving multiple choice answers. The choice given is amongst three behaviour patterns, which depict, in order:

  1. A positive attitude
  2. An apathetic (neutral or no concern) attitude, and
  3. A negative attitude

Students are asked to answer according to what they do, but not what they should do.

Example of Attitude question as follows:

You are going out to play; friends are waiting outside, Do you

  1. Make sure that the door is shut tightly;
  2. Hurry out, not sure if the door is shut properly;
  3. Leave the door open; someone may shut it.

Response of the students can be noted either raising their hands or by ticks on a sheet. Normally, the response is collated, followed by a class discussion aimed to bring clarity in our judgement. Effort is made to identify the sentiments and thoughts, which influence the response. Questions like ‘Why did you choose this, or you would like to act like this? Bring out the situation more clearly.

Many times an Attitude Test can be given immediately after a Role-Play based on the situation. Also, the attitude Test is more effective with elder students because they are able to articulate their thoughts and feelings into proper words.

[Ref : Towards Human Excellence, Sri Sathya Sai Education for Schools, Book 3 – The Five Teaching Techniques, Institute of Sathya Sai Education, Dharmakshetra]


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