Sai-Lens (Silence)

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Mind is a bundle of thoughts that keeps on bothering us every second. Baba always says that, “It is only in the depth of silence that one can feel “Sai-Lens“.

It happens that as soon as we decide to enter into silence of deep contemplation, we are countered by countless thoughts which do not interest us in the least, do not represent for us any active desire or attachment, but only a hindrance that disturbs the mind. The precious time is uselessly lost in an unwanted thought; we know that it is a terrible wastage, What then is the remedy?

Children should be encouraged to sit silently for a few minutes everyday. With regular practice, this will lead to peace, memory improvement, concentration and intuition.

“Start the day with silent sitting. This is the way to God”

Every class should start and end with a minute of silence which has shown good results. The students tend to become more receptive to what is being taught and are better behaved in class.


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  • Language: English
  • Duration: 10 weeks
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