Balvikas Guru Manual-Group-I

Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Joythi adopted schools

1Who Is God?KaragreRam-Sairam
2RevisionRevisionPretty HandsGood & Bad Things We Do With Hand
3Where Is GodDarshan’s Daily RoutineI Wake Up In The Morning And Say Rama, Rama
4RevisionRevisionKhate Bhi Ram KahoDrawing / Colouring What God Has Given
5God Loves Us AllGods Love / Anokha PyarRama Here Rama There
6How To Talk To God?A,B,CChota Sa Mandir
7What God Has Given Me - Parts Of BodyTwo Little EyesZaroor Karenge NahiKarenge
8Love Begins At HomeLove At HomeDraw House Around The Word Love
9My ParentsMother FatherTeacherThank You Card For Parents Drawing Or Colouring
10Parents Are Living GodShravan Kumar Pundalik
11Mother is your first guruKokila VratMother Says
12Respecting Respecting Grand ParentsGreeting Card For Grandparents
13RevisionRevisionRevisionRevisionQuiz On 1 - 12 Periods
14Health & HygieneRoyal HorseMeri Bhilli
15CleanlinessAnil & The FootballHere We Go Round The Values TreeColouring & Others
16Cleanliness At Home & SchoolMonkey MannersBits Of PaperMr Clean & Mr Dirty
17Nature Animal & BirdsHoney Bee Honey BeeDraw Flower & Colour It
18Nature Animal & BirdsThankYouForTheWorldSo SweetVisualisation - Garden Forest Nature
19ThankfullnessLoving CatThank You God Colouring
20God Is Your Best FriendJatila - FaithKrishna CameKrishna Form Visualisation
21God Always Comes To HelpGajendra MokshaSay Hari Om Hari Om
22RevisionRevisionRevisionRevisionQuiz On 14 - 21 Periods
23GuruGuru BrahmaUpamanyuBrahma The CreatorBrahma-Vishnu-Mahesh
24TruthBoy Who Cried WolfWho Is Afraid Of Big Bad Wolf?
25Always Tell The Truth
26TruthThe 3 Axes
27HonestyThe Truthful CowEnacting Dramas On Truth
28Food Becomes PrasadHarir Daata …Alloo Bola Mujko Kalo
29Food HabitsHealthy Food And Junk FoodWe Are PumpkinsColouring Of Fruit And Vegetable
30Health & HygieneRevision Of SlokaRole Play & Questions
31Sharing & CaringThe Closed HeartChangu ManguDrawhome
32RevisionRevisionRevisionQuiz On 23 - 31 Period
33Goodness The Race
34Being HelpfulOur Helpers (With The Help Of Cards And Charts)Puzzle Forming Word Help
35Value Of TimeHippo Story
36Being On TimeMonkey And Fox
37Wasting TimeEvil TelliesHow We Waste Time
38HappinessSong - The Time To Be Happy / When You Are HappyDraw A Smiley
39Be HappySmile Song
40ContentmentSnub NoseI Am The Way I AmName All Things You Have
41ContentmentCamel And The GoatSimilarities And Differences Between You And Your Friend
42ContentmentCrow & Peacock
43Don’t CheatBorrowed FeathersColouring
44ObedienceThe Naughty Turtle
45Obedience TurtleThe Disobedient Baby BirdColouring
46UnityUnity Is Strength
47GreedinessThe Greedy Mouse
48GreedinessThe Greedy Cloud
49Solution To Problem - Dialogue
50TeamworkRaindrop - Snowflake