गणेश चतुर्थी

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Ganesha is the master of the intellect as well as spiritual knowledge. He is also the master of Ganas, the attendants of Shiva who live in Mount Kailash. The whole universe is sustained by the Ganas. So Ganesha is the master of Ganas who maintains the cosmos. Everyone has a master or a Guru over him except Ganesha who has no master. Ganesha is also known as Vigneshwara, the remover of all obstacles. No obstacle can come in the way of one who prays to Ganesha. Ganesh Chaturthi is the birthday of this master of masters who has none above Him. Ganesh Chaturthi confers health and prosperity to one and all. It is said that, on the 4th day of Bhadrapada month, if we pray to Ganesha, we will be recipients of munificent blessings of Ganesha. This sacred festival is celebrated not only in India but in many places as well. The teachings of Ganesha are so profound that every letter in it is priceless and sacred!

Let’s dive deep into the Ocean of Ganesha glories through these sections that contain Divine Discourse, Slokas, Songs, Stories, Interesting Activities, Crafts and Games.


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