Role play

As kids, when children get together, they play with kitchen sets, act as a school teacher, or love to be a car driver racing down a fictional vehicle.

Imaginative plays are an easy mode of bringing out the best in children and thus imprint in them the values they need to exhibit even in challenging situations. When they are given a situation, a role, and a question, they tend to shoulder that role and try to be the best in it.

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba had role play sessions during summer courses for the students of His institute.

  • You are crossing a road with your friends and you are already late for school. An elderly person is trying to cross the road, what would you do ?
  • You have not cut your nails and the school monitor is on rounds. What would you do ?
  • You have just Rs. 100 of the allowance your father gave. You need to buy a birthday gift for your best friend. But, the class teacher says those interested can contribute for the school fees of your classmate. Would you part with the money ?
  • It is the best dress that you like and you have worn it just once. It is damaged by mistake while pressing. How would you react
  • Your mother has cooked potato fries and you are eagerly waiting for them. Relatives come visiting and your mother serves the fries to them, with almost nothing left for you. What would you do ?
  • You return home late after tuition and want to hit the bed immediately. But, your mother wants you to finish your dinner and clean the plates. Are you willing to do so ?

These are simple, day-do-day instances that can be presented to children. They are taught to be truthful and sincere through these.

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