Arathi – Audio

Om Jaya Jagadheesa Harey
Swami Sathya Sai Harey
Bhaktha Jana Samrakshaka
Bhaktha Jana Samrakshaka
Parthi Maheshwara
Om Jaya Jagadheesa Harey
Sashi Vadhana Sree Karaa Sarva Praana Pathey,
Swami Sarva Praana Pathey
Aasritha Kalpa Latheeka
Aasritha Kalpa Latheeka
Aapadh Baandhavaa
Om Jaya Jagadheesa Harey
Maatha Pitha Guru Dhaivamu Mari Anthayu Neevey
Swami Mari Anthayu Neevey
Naadha Brahma Jagan Naatha
Naadha Brahma Jagan Naatha
Naagendra Shayanaa
Om Jaya Jagadheesa Harey
Omkaara Roopa Ojaswi Om Saayi Mahadeva
Sathya Saayi Mahadeva
Mangala Aarathi Anduko
Mangala Aarathi Anduko
Mandhara Giridhari
Om Jaya Jagadheesa Harey
Narayana Narayana Om
Sathya Narayana Narayana Narayana Om
Narayana Narayana Om
Sathya Narayana Narayana Om
Sathya Narayana Narayana Om
Om Jai Sad Guru Devaa

Victory to Lord of Universe, Lord Sathya Sai, Who destroys grief, evil, and miseries of life and Who guards and protects devotees. Victory to Lord of Lords – Lord of Parthi

O Graceful and Charming as a full moon! O Auspicious One! O Lord Sai! Thou art the Indweller and life-force of all Beings; the wish-fulfilling divine creeper to those who have surrendered to Thee; and kinsman, protector, and friend in times of distress and calamities. Victory to Lord of Universe.

O Lord Sai! Thou art Mother, Father, noble Teacher, Supreme Divinity, and everything to us. O Lord Universe! Thou art Primeval Sound and art reclined on coiled serpent.

O Splendorous One! O Lord of Lords — Lord Sai! Thy Form is Pranava. We pray Thee to accept the auspicious waving of flame of light (signifying the removal of ignorance). Victory to Thee, O Lord of Universe, Resident of Mandhar mountain – Lord Giridhari.

Chant the name of Lord Sathya Sai Narayana, Whose Form is Pranava. Victory to Noble Teacher and Supreme Lord Sai, Sathya Sai.

Arathi – Explanation

Om Primordial sound of creation
Jai Victory to
Jagadeesha Jagat + eesha (universe + lord)
Hare Lord Hari
Swami One meaning is ‘master’
Sathya Truth
Sai Refers to Lord Sai. Means ‘master’
Bhaktha Jana Devotees
Samrakshaka Protect and foster
Parthi Maheswara The Lord who has manifested at Parthi
Sashi Moon
Vadana Face
Shreekara Shree + kara (shree – auspiciousness, wealth, etc; kara – one who bestows or causes)
Sarva All
Praanapate Prana + pate (life force + master)
Aashrita Those who take refuge
Kalpalathika Wish fulfilling divine creeper
Aapad Danger
Bandhava Kinsman
Mata Mother
Pita Father
Guru Preceptor
Daivamu God
Mari Also
Antayu everything
Neeve You and no other
Naadabrahma Primeval sound
Jagannatha Lord of the universe
Naagendra Lord of serpents,Adishesha
Shayana Reclining on
Omkara Om, sound of creation
Roopa Form
Ojasvi Having light, splendor, strength and vigour
Mangala Aarati Auspicious waving of light
Anduko Please accept
Mandara Mandara mountain
Giridhari Giri (mountain) + dhari(one who holds). This name is used for Lord Krishna, because He held aloft the Govardhana mountain on His little finger for a week as a little child.
Narayana A name of Lord Vishnu, supreme Indweller.
Sadguru Sat (true) + Guru (preceptor). Gu – darkness of ignorance; ru – to remove
Deva God

Aarathi – Further Reading

Aarathi a very significant ritual that is performed at the end of any Bhajan session, Satsang or Sai activity. It is very important to understand the significance of the Aarathi ritual along with the lyrics of the Aarathi song and also to adhere to correct pronunciations so that we can avail maximum benefit from singing the same.  Earlier, Swami Himself used to do the Aarathi to His own shrine and show the plate with the light to all the people assembled. That’s how the Divine Lord taught Aarathi to all.

The audios of Radio Sai Bhajan Tutorial wherein six episodes of Bhajan Classroom sessions have been dedicated to explain the Aarathi songs – in parts are provided here. The aim of the tutorials is to enable us to sing/teach the Sathya Sai Aarathi song with clarity, right pronunciations and with complete understanding.

Aarathi Tutorial – Episode I

The first episode of this session where the first few lines of the Sathya Sai Aarathi song is explained with the raga, the notes, the beats etc. as well as the significance of the song.

Aarathi Tutorial – Episode II

The second episode of this special series of Sathya Sai Aarathi song, where the discussions move on to understand the deeper significance of the Aarathi ritual and the fundamental truths about why and how an Aarathi is performed.

Aarathi Tutorial – Episode III

The third episode of this special series of Sathya Sai Aarathi song, where the first stanza of the Aarathi song, “Shashivadana……” is beautifully explained.

Aarathi Tutorial – Episode IV

The fourth episode of this special series of Sathya Sai Aarathi song, where the insights of the second stanza, “Maata Pita….” is nicely brought out through the discussions.

Aarathi Tutorial – Episode V

The fifth episode of this special series of Sathya Sai Aarathi song, where the last stanza, “Omkara Roopa…” is elaborately explained.

Aarathi Tutorial – Episode VI

The final episode of this special series of Sathya Sai Aarathi song, where the detail explanations of the last few lines of the Aarathi song, “Narayana Narayana…..” is discussed. This episode explains very broadly the meaning of the word, “Narayana”.

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