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  1. The ABC of life is Always Be Careful (or) Avoid Bad Company.
  2. Be Good See Good Do Good.
  3. Please God, please man.
  4. Love all Serve all.
  5. Love is giving and forgiving. Self is getting and forgetting.
  6. Time Waste is Life Waste.
  7. Money comes and goes. Morality comes and grows.
  8. Less luggage makes travel more comfortable.
  9. Start the day with love.
    Fill the day with love.
    Spend the day with love.
    End the day with love.
    This is the way to God.
  10. Care not for marks but for remarks.
  11. Be a hero and not a zero.
  12. Hands in society. Heads in forest.
  13. Service to mankind is service to God.
  14. Watch your Words.
    Watch your Actions.
    Watch your Thoughts.
    Watch your Character.
    Watch your Heart.
  15. Truth is God. God is Truth.
  16. He prays best who loves best.


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