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Circle games provide ample opportunities to children to channelise their energy in a meaningful way and interact effectively with their peer group.

They nurture a child’s holistic growth and all-round development by enabling them to socialise, thereby overcoming shyness, inhibition and hesitation. They develop their listening and communication skills and help promote gross motor skills by improving co-ordination, rhythm, dexterity and agility.

They learn to respect others’ views and are equipped with the essential social skills to tackle life situations effectively. They inculcate a sense of understanding and patience in children, while taking turns.

Circle games promote a certain degree of intimacy within the group. They are easier to monitor by the guru and enable every child to see and hear one another. Musical/beat games are helpful in getting children coordinate with a certain beat/rhythm whilst providing lot of fun. They develop a sense of belongingness too!

Thus, Circle Games tend to generate enthusiasm by giving them a break from their monotonous routine!!


  • Be the first student
  • Language: English
  • Duration: 10 weeks
  • Skill level: Any level
  • Lectures: 3
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