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Matching games require children to match similar elements in a given set of words, pictures or objects. The child puts two objects together accounting to a particular feature.

Matching games help in developing fine motor skills and encourages the practice of independent learning. It helps them to understand the concepts of same and different which fosters critical thinking in children in their very formative stage. These games require the child to make use of his or her judgement and reasoning abilities to the fullest. Being able to match items by understanding why they go together is crucial for cognitive skills and ability. While matching objects with each other, children are practising visual discrimination and gaining expertise in connecting real objects to prints. Matching games require children to pay attention to minute details which improves their overall power of concentration. It also helps in building a sense of self-esteem and confidence in children.

Bal Vikas Gurus can provide a wide range of activities that encourage children to match and sort objects, pictures, words, sounds, colours, shadows, patterns, shapes and numbers. This fun-approach will make the learning more interesting.


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  • Language: English
  • Duration: 10 weeks
  • Skill level: Any level
  • Lectures: 3
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