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  1. Religion without Philosophy is superstition Philosophy without religion becomes dry atheism.
  2. Be grateful to him who curses you for he gives you a mirror to show that cursing is also a chance to practice self-restraint; so bless him and be glad.
  3. “Let nothing stand between God and your love for Him. Love Him and let the world say what love is” Love is of three sorts. One demands, but gives nothing, the second is exchange and the third is love without thought of return-love like that of the moth for the light.”
  4. “Buddha set his greatest enemy free, because he by hating Buddha so much, constantly kept thinking of Buddha. That thought purified his mind and prepared him for freedom. Therefore the thought of God all the time will purify you.”
  5. The tendency to persevere, to persist in spite of hindrances, discouragements and impossibilities distinguishes the strong soul from the weak.
  6. There is Precious instruction to be got by finding we are wrong. Let a man try faithfully, manfully to be right, he will grow daily more and more right.
  7. When you give your love, as the scent of the flower is given to the open air, then there is perfection.
  8. Just as a beautiful flower of varied hues gives sweet fragrance, so is a man who practices sweetness.
  9. If you have got rid of selfishness the gates of heaven will never be closed to you.
  10. Walk by the light of my love, thou shall cast no shadows.
  11. Affection, reverence and devotion, all follow in each other’s footsteps.
  12. Some give their soul to the Divine, some their life, some their work, others their money. A few consecrate all of themselves and all they have-soul, life, work and wealth. These are the true children of God.
  13. Real education consists of drawing the best out of yourself. What better book can there be than the book of humanity?
  14. What good is it, if we acknowledge in our prayers that God is the father of us all, and in our daily lives do not treat every man as our brother?
  15. Action without prayer is blind groping with prayer it becomes honest and effective.
  16. Education to be complete must be humane. It must include not only the training of the intellect but also the refinement of the heart and the discipline of the spirit.
  17. The sandalwood retains its fragrance even when it is ground several times, the sugarcane continues to be sweet even when cut into pieces; gold maintains its attractive feature despite persistent melting. In the same manner the excellent souls never deviate from their inborn virtues till the end.


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