Baba’s Saying

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  1. Love is God, God is Love. So live in love.
  2. The three Ds are Duty, Devotion & Discipline.
  3. The three Ws to be adhered are Work, Wisdom & Worship.
  4. The Three Ws to be avoided are Wine, Wealth & Women.(Women)
  5. The four ‘S’ are – Self – sacrifice, Self – confidence, Self – satisfaction and Self – realisation.
  6. Commerce without morality,
    Science without humanity ,
    Politics without principles are positively useless and dangerous.
  7. Anger and intolerance are the twin enemies of correct understanding.
  8. Love is selflessness and self is lovelessness.
  9. The Name of the Lord is more powerful than the Form of the Lord.
  10. If you can’t oblige, please speak obligingly.
  11. Love as thought is Truth.
    Love as action is Righteousness.
    Love as feeling is Peace.
    Love as understanding (ekathwam) is Non-violence.
  12. Full effort is full victory.
  13. Prayer is the only way to bring order and peace.
  14. If wealth is lost, nothing is lost.
    If health is lost, something is lost,
    If character is lost, everything is lost.
  15. The four Fs are
    Follow the Master.
    Face the devil.
    Fight to the end.
    Finish the game.
  16. Prayer is not asking. It is the longing of the Soul.


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