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For Bharathiyas, Truth is a value that is proclaimed in the Vedas, all holy scriptures and also the national motto. From epics and religious stories to freedom fighters there are illustrious instances of men who adhered to Truth and realised success.

The Vedas say Sathyam (Truth) is the life principle of man. Once Indra secured from prahlada the gift of his Sheelam (character). When the character left prahlada, the Goddesses of Fame, Royal Prosperity and Prowess left him one after the other. Prahlada allowed them to go. But when Sathyam (Truth) started to leave, Prahlada prayed to the Goddess to not leave him. The moment Truth stayed with Prahlada, the other deities representing fame, prosperity, etc. also returned.

Since Truth is considered the basis of all other values, a story titled as “Truth is God” is listed in the first year of our Balvikas curriculum.


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