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“Maasaanam maargaseershoham”

– Lord Krishna, Bhagavad Gita

Brahat saamnaa tathaa saamnaam
Gaayatree chandasaam aham
Maasaanam maargaseershoham
Rutuunaam kusumaakara:

Aham maasaanaam maargaseersha – meaning “Among months I am Maarghazhi.” The Maarghazhi month is ‘Brahma muhurta’ time for devas. Among hymns, I am “Brahat saama”, says Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita (in the Sama veda, Brahat saama is the best). Gayatri mantra is the foremost among various types of mantras used in the Vedas. The Lord describes himself as the Vasantha or flowery spring among seasons, because the flora gets a fresh lease of life during spring.

People especially of south India, recite the sacred hymn Thiruppavai, a timeless treatise on devotion during Margazhi. These 30 hymns are a gift from a young, beautiful girl, born as Kodhai in Srivilliputhur, who was none other than the beloved Goddess, Andal! Her life is an amazing confluence of the passionate love of Radha for the Lord and the absolute surrender as Meera.Thiruppavai is a collection of 30 verses in which Andal imagines herself as a Gopi, one of the cowherd girls known for their unconditional devotion to Lord Krishna. It is said that Thiruppavai is the nectar of Vedas and teaches philosophical, moral values, pure love, dedication, single-pointed devotion, and the ultimate goal of life.

Margazhi month is also the time when people draw beautiful rangolis in the front yard. Rangolis have spiritual perspective and benefits and can be drawn in various designs, themes, and colours. We too, by contemplating on Lord Krishna with single pointed devotion, can visualise His different forms while drawing the rangolis, creatively. We are sharing a collection of rangolis in different hues, one for each day of this sanctified month! Each of the rangolis come with a Thiruppavai verse along with the audio, lyrics, and meaning, both in English and Tamil.

Make each day of this month special by contemplating on Lord Krishna with love and devotion while drawing the rangoli and by listening to the Thiruppavai!


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