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Primordial Radiance (Ganesha Rangoli)



Here is a beautiful rangoli art of Ganseha with musical instrument. It’s very simple and unique in style. A little decoration with stones and jewels will make it a stunning piece of art!

This Ganesh Chaturthi festival, let’s decorate our house with this distinctive Rangoli and spread colour and joy!

Primordial Radiance


  • Colour Rangoli powder
  • Decorative kundan stones, beads, etc.,
  • Figure or image of Ganesha (wall hanging, posters or picture)
  • Peacock motifs ( or any motif of your choice)



Draw the outline with the chalk and place the peacock motifs on either side as shown below.



Place the image or figure of Ganesha in the centre.



Spread orange and yellow colour rangoli powder as shown in the image



Adjust and place Ganesha and peacock motifs.



Decorate the border with beads, kundan stones, sequins, etc.,



Draw the shape of Veena (musical instrument) and colour with vibrant colour Rangoli powder.



Decorate the Veena with Kundan stones and beads






We can make Wall hanging. Trace the pattern on canvas. Paint and decorate with kundan stones, sequins, etc.


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