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Sri Aandal Rangoli


It has been a journey of learning and experiencing Bhakti in the past 30 days, through these writings of the gist of each Thiruppavai. Swami has always told spiritual seekers that by studying the lives of saints one can understand the path of bhakti. Their spiritual journey is already tried and tested by them and hence it will be very clear and easy to understand. Andal, the only female Alwar or saint is fondly remembered for her verses Thiruppavai and Nachiar Tirumozhi. These are chanted during the sacred month of Marghazhi also called as Dhanurmasam. In fact, Krishna has told in the Bhagawad Gita that “If among the rivers I am Ganga, among the months I am Margazhi”.

We are thrilled to share a breath-taking Rangoli of Andal’s divine image. This Rangoli is like a grand finale to our previous rangolis and truly befitting this great saint of Sriviliiputhur! Let us etch this image in our hearts and try to imbibe her teachings of Bhakti to attain salvation!













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